5th ASLE-ASEAN Ecocritical Conference

Posthuman Southeast Asia

23-25 November 2023

Parallel Panel Session C

Day 1 - 23 November 2023

15:00 - 16:30

Panel C1 - English - Hybrid @ E4-PD1 (Zoom ID: 91958004384)

"Animal Narratives in Southeast Asia" - Moderated by Thomas Leonard Shaw


    Hana Ghani is a PhD candidate in English Literature at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Her research explores the impact of social media on contemporary poetic practices, focusing on instapoetry’s digital materialities. She is interested in Bruneian literature, as well as the convergence of literature and social media. E-mail: naqiyyah.hana@gmail.com   Liminal Characters in Non-Liminal […]


    Chi Pham (PhD) is a tenured researcher at the Institute of Literature, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi. She received a PhD in Literary Theory in Vietnam and a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Riverside (USA). She is the secretary of the Association for the Study of Literature and […]


    Chitra Sankaran (PhD) has served as (acting) Head of Department and as Chair of Literature, Department of English, Linguistics and Theatre Studies, NUS. She is the founding and current president of the Association for the Study of Literature and Ecology in ASEAN (ASLE-ASEAN) and the founding and chief editor of the Journal of […]

Panel C2 - English/Indonesian- Onsite @ E4-518 (Zoom ID: 99367844142)

"Indigenous Naturecultures in Indonesia" - Moderated by Anna Christi Suwardi


    Nikodemus Niko is a native of the Dayak Benawan tribe. He is a Lecturer at the Department of Sociology at Raja Ali Haji Maritime University, Indonesia. He is also an ethnographer of the indigenous peoples of Dayak Benawan. He is currently working on a PhD dissertation about poverty among indigenous Dayak Benawan women […]


    Khairi Rahmi is a Lecturer in Government Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji. She completed her master’s degree at the Department of Politics and Government, Universitas Gadjah Mada. She conducts research on issues of Political Economy. Rizky Octa Putri Charin is a Lecturer in Government Science, Faculty […]


    Eventus Ombri Kaho is a student from University Sanata Dharma in Yogyakarta.   “Reparation” of Life in the Metamanasi Area of East Nusa Tenggara Province After the Conversion of Mangrove Forests to Salt Mines Abstract: This study examines the conversion of mangrove forests into salt mines in traditional areas in Matemanasi, East Nusa […]


    Ferdinando Septy Yokit is a postgraduate student in the Cultural Studies program of Sanata Dharma University. E-mail: ferdinandosepty@gmail.com   Indigenous Revivalism: Kaketbon and New Paths Towards Post-Anthropocene Ecological Revival in Indonesia Abstract: This research paper aims to examine the Kaketbon practices of the Muyu-Are people in Boven Digoel Regency, South Papua, as an […]

Language Interpretation

Some of the presentations in this panel will be delivered in Indonesian. An English simultaneous (but not synchronized) translation will be streamed to registered participants during the event via the LiveVoice.io app.

To listen to the translation (max. 50 listeners), download the app and use the password provided at the start of the panel to access the channel. You can also join via web using the button on the right.

Panel C3 - English - Onsite @ E4-507 (Zoom ID: 95880689108)

"Reconstituting Environmental Pedagogies in Thailand, China, and the Mekong Region" - Moderated by Omsin Jatuporn


    Omsin Jatuporn (PhD) is an Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education in the Department of Educational Foundations and Development at Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is a committee member of the MA and PhD programs in multicultural education and development education. His main interests include critical curriculum studies, cultural politics […]


    Piyachai Nakon is a progressive researcher. E-mail: piyachai.nako@cmu.ac.th   Mobilizing for Ecological Sustainability through School-Community Partnerships: A Case of Local-led Organization in the Northern Provinces of Thailand Abstract: The province of Chiang Mai is severely affected by air pollution every year. Yet, the actions taken by the government to solve the problem seemingly […]


    Rong Hu is a PhD student at the Faculty of Education of Chiang Mai University, majoring in multicultural education. She is interested in culturally relevant pedagogy in ethnic minority regions in China.   Sustaining Ethnic Minority Literacy Through Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: The Case of a Public School in the Yunnan Border Area Abstract: […]

Panel C4 - English - Onsite @ E4-508 (Zoom ID: 93989978987)

"Serious Play: Ecocriticism of Sports and Video Games" - Moderated by Fabio Calzolari


    Jason Paolo Telles is a PhD candidate at the School of Media, Film and Journalism, Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Australia. His research interests are critical media histories, ecomedia, sports communication, and indigenous media. He is a co-editor of Environment, Media, and Popular Culture in Southeast Asia (Springer 2022) and editor of the […]


    Vickie Monthong is a PhD candidate at Freie Universität Berlin. Her doctoral project, titled The Posthuman Game/r and Affective Gaming, explores posthuman narratives in video games and the relationship between affective game designs and player identification. Her research interests widely cover posthuman ethics, video games studies, ecological studies, East West comparative studies, and […]


    Paweenwat Thongprasop (LL.B. from Thammasat University) is an independent queer legal scholar and literary critic. His research focuses on Thai legal studies, law and humanities, comparative literature, constitutionalism, international economic law, and environmental law, often through posthuman and postcolonial lenses. In 2021, he received the M. L. Boonlua Thepyasuwan Award for Literary Criticism. […]

Panel C5 - English - Onsite @ E4-509 (Zoom ID: 97129296912)

"Past, Present and Future of Southeast Asia: Ecocritical Approaches" - Moderated by Deepta Sateesh


    Regie Amamio (PhD) is a faculty member of the Department of English at Mindanao State University, General Santos City, Philippines. She obtained a PhD in Literary Studies from Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Philippines. Her research work focuses on literary and cultural studies, including literary folkloristics, postcolonial studies, gender studies, and indigenous and traditional […]


    Niccolo Angelo Vitug is a PhD music student at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. He obtained an MA in Literary and Cultural Studies from the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University (Quezon City, Philippines), where he currently teaches. He is a graduate of well-known writers’ workshops, such as the Silliman University National […]


    Saripalli Ravikiran is a doctoral fellow under the supervision of Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy at the Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has recently submitted his doctoral thesis on nonhuman animal sport spectacles and agrarian political economy. In this work, he explored the intersectionality of caste, class, gender, species, and […]


    Vijayalekshmi Ramachandran (PhD) is an Assistant Professor of English at the Department of Languages and Literature, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Andhra Pradesh, India. She was a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship by the University Grants Commission and Matching Funds Tuition Grant by the School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell […]

Panel C6 - English - Online @ Zoom ID: 99330296221

"Dystopia, Anxiety and the Posthuman" - Moderated by Jennifer Rebecca Ortuoste


    Rujeeluck Seelakate is a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of French and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Arts, Sorbonne University, France. Her research interests include world literature, translation, art, and cultural studies. E-mail: Rujeeluck.s@gmail.com   Violet Rain’s Love InExtinct: An Intriguing Case of Queer Ecology, Anthropomorphism, and De-extinction Abstract: This presentation aims to […]


    Md Abu Shahid Abdullah (PhD) completed his MA in English and American Studies and his PhD in English Literature at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, Germany. He is currently an Assistant Professor of English at East West University, Bangladesh. His research interests include trauma, alienation, memory, identity, marginalization, postcolonialism, eroticism and magical realism. He has […]


    Muhammad Syaukat Mustafa Kamal is pursuing a PhD in English Literature at Universiti Putra Malaysia. His areas of interest are Malaysian literature, ecocriticism, affect theory, and narrative empathy. He is currently working at International Islamic University Malaysia, teaching English language proficiency. E-mail: msyaukat@iium.edu.my Zainor Izat Zainal (PhD) is Senior Lecturer at Universiti Putra […]