5th ASLE-ASEAN Ecocritical Conference

Posthuman Southeast Asia

23-25 November 2023


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There are several ATMs on campus, many of them located in L-Park building (M-Square), right across the E4 building. There is also a branch of Bangkok Bank on the ground floor of D1 building. Outside of campus, ATMs are widely available near shops, gas stations, malls, etc.


On campus, there are canteens located on the second floor of D1 building, on the ground floor of E1 and E2 buildings, on the ground floor of E-Park building (M-Square). In L-Park building (M-Square), there is also a 7-Eleven convenience store and various coffee-shops. All of them are open from morning to evening, offering a variety of affordable dining options. Right outside of campus, scattered around the main road, there are plenty of other restaurants and food stalls. You can also use the Grab application (https://www.grab.com/th/en/download/) on your mobile phone to get food delivered anywhere.

Convenience Stores

In L-Park building (M-Square), right across from E4 building, there are several coffee-shops and convenience stores (7-Eleven) where you can buy all kinds of food, snacks, hygiene, and other products. Outside of campus, next to the main road, there are many more shops, including at least four more 7-Eleven, a Lotus's, and other convenience stores at a walking distance from the entrance of the university. A small market with fresh produce is also open every day from early afternoon until evening next to the main road.

Medical Care

Mae Fah Luang University Hospital is located very near the university campus, on the road towards the city. It provides both modern and traditional treatments, as well as dentist and wellness services. For emergencies or outpatient care, contact staff at the entrance of the hospital. Tel. +66 5391-4000 / pr.medical-center@mfu.ac.th


For any assistance, call the Tourist Police number 1155 (or +66(0)5371-8118). A small police office is located near the junction of the main road with the avenue leading to the MFU campus entrance.


Mae Fah Luang University is a wireless campus, providing access to Internet at any point within the University. If you are a registered participant, we will provide you with a login ID and password before the start of the conference. This will allow you to access wi-fi throughout campus free of charge. Simply, search for MFUConnect wi-fi network and login using your credentials.

Information Services

The M4U center (located in the second floor of E-Park building, M-Square) is the first point of contact providing general information about Mae Fah Luang University, including research and collaboration information for prospective students, MFU students, lecturers, staff, and visitors. Computers and other facilities of the center are available for visitors upon request. Some of these services might have a cost.

Post Office

A licensed on-campus post office offers postal services such as mailing and receiving of letters and parcels at the 1st floor of the I-Park building (M-Square), across from E4 building.


MFU offers an exceptional range of international standard sporting facilities as well as physical fitness rooms available for all MFU students, staff, faculty, and the general public. Most sporting facilities, including a swimming pool, stadium, gym, basketball, football, tennis, and badminton courts, are located on the north-western corner of the university's campus (buildings F, G, H, I, J, K, and L).

Books, Stationery, Souvenirs

M-Store (located on the second floor of L-Park building (M-Square) sells books, educational media, and stationery for students, lecturers, university staff, and the general public.

Other Information

If you need any other information during the conference, please contact the organizers and support staff. You can also send an email to asleasean@mfu.ac.th.