Ferdinando Septy Yokit is a postgraduate student in the Cultural Studies program of Sanata Dharma University. E-mail: ferdinandosepty@gmail.com


Indigenous Revivalism: Kaketbon and New Paths Towards Post-Anthropocene Ecological Revival in Indonesia

Abstract: This research paper aims to examine the Kaketbon practices of the Muyu-Are people in Boven Digoel Regency, South Papua, as an alternative effort to understand the ongoing ecological crisis in Indonesia. Kaketbon itself has been a way of life for the Muyu-Are people since ancient times and is now deeply rooted in their social-cultural structure. The connection between the Muyu-Are indigenous community and the forest ecology is governed through Amop, or customary law. This research uses a novel ethnographic method rooted on the subjects’ lived experiences. Furthermore, it attempts to offer a critical analysis using the Deleuzian concept of multiplicity. This concept seeks to examine intersubjective relationships among living beings that are not singular but interconnected and influenced by various factors within specific conditions. This research also develops a political ontology in the context of post-Anthropocene ecology by taking the idea of pluriverse, which emphasizes diversity among species, both human and nonhuman.
Keywords: Kaketbon, Muyu, Adat revivalism, pluriverse, multiplicity, Papua