Eventus Ombri Kaho is a student from University Sanata Dharma in Yogyakarta.


“Reparation” of Life in the Metamanasi Area of East Nusa Tenggara Province After the Conversion of Mangrove Forests to Salt Mines

Abstract: This study examines the conversion of mangrove forests into salt mines in traditional areas in Matemanasi, East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia). Through this framework, the paper analyzes the process of appropriation endured by the people in the Metamanasi area as well as the “reparations” to biodiversity. The posthuman theory of Rossi Braidoti and Donna Haraway is used to analyze the connectedness between humans and nonhumans. Rossi Braidotti’s posthuman theory focuses on zoe which can be interpreted as life. In line with this, Donna Haraway offers a posthuman approach to cultivating kinship. This research used new ethnographic methods to realize closeness to the object under study, both in the process and the form of presentation. The data presented in this paper will be explained further using a posthuman framework, to show the dimensions of posthuman politics. Posthuman politics is seen as a posthuman ethic linked to a chain or cycle that is never broken or ended. It does not focus on humans as subjects, but rather places them as part of kinship networks in the Chthulucene.
Keywords: reparations, assemblage, Chthulucene, posthuman politics, posthuman, Zoe