5th ASLE-ASEAN Ecocritical Conference

Posthuman Southeast Asia

23-25 November 2023


To/From Chiang Rai

By air:The Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai International Airport is located only 17 km from Mae Fah Luang University's campus (8 km from the city center). Taxis and rental cars can be easily booked from the terminal on arrival. Most international flights to/from Thailand go through Bangkok. In Bangkok, there are two international airports: Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. Both of them are connected with a shuttle bus and have flights to/from Chiang Rai operated by different airlines. The following companies have daily flights between Bangkok (one of the two airports) and Chiang Rai:

By land: Chiang Rai is well connected with the rest of the country through the highway system. Extensive car rental options are available throughout Thailand. Daily A/C buses run from Chiang Mai (Arcade Bus Terminal, 182 km) and Bangkok (Northern Bus Terminal Mochit-2, 789 km) to Chiang Rai (Bus Terminal 1, Tel. +66 5371-5952). The bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Rai (around 10 hours) is probably best made overnight. For further details, call the Northern Bus Terminal: +66 2936-2852 or +66 2936-3666. At the moment, it is not possible to reach Chiang Rai directly by train. You could take a train to Lampang from Bangkok (9 hours) or Chiang Mai (11 hours) and then travel by bus to Chiang Rai (2.5 hours from Lampang and 3 hours from Chiang Mai). But there are more convenient options than the train.

Around Chiang Rai

Taxi: Taxis are the most convenient way to get around if you don't have your own vehicle. Taxis may be hailed, booked from the airport terminal, or booked through one of the many taxi agencies operating in the city. To book a taxi, you may call any of the following numbers: +66 5377-3477, +66 9338-13157 (note that English might not be spoken). Licensed taxis are distinctly yellow and red or yellow and blue. The rate is determined by the taxi meter at the end of the trip.

Bus: There are a number of buses and songtaews (passenger pick-up trucks) operating in the city as well as between the city and nearby towns. Some buses and songtaews connect the MFU campus with the city and other neighboring towns. However, these services are difficult to use for non-Thai speakers without local assistance.

Car: There are a number of car rental agencies around town and at the airport terminal, including some of the international chains such as Budget, Avis and National. Driving in Chiang Rai is fairly easy and safe. A valid driver's license is required.

Motorbike: You can rent morotcycles from several places around town, and they make a convenient way to get around town, if you're able to ride safely. Note that helmets and a valid driver's license are required.

Tuk-tuk: These three wheeled carts may be found in the city. Be sure to negotiate the fare before starting your trip.

Grab Car: Grab is a popular mobile application that allows you to book a taxi from anywhere using your phone. Rates tend to be similar or slightly higher than metered taxis, but are predetermined when you make the booking. https://www.grab.com/th/en/download/

Bolt: This is another application (less popular, but with lower rates) that allows you to book a ride from anywhere using your mobile phone. https://bolt.eu/en-th/

From Airport/City to MFU Campus

The simplest way to get to MFU campus from the airport terminal is to book a metered taxi on arrival (17 km, around 15 minutes). Rates may vary depending on traffic but should cost around 200-300 Baht, including the airport supplement. Other options are to rent a car in the same terminal or to book a Grab Car using the mobile application.

Around MFU Campus

Walking: Many locations around campus are easily accessible by foot.

GEM Cars: Within MFU campus, free public transportation is provided in the form of EVT (Electronic Vehicular Transport) vehicles, also known as GEM cars. Stops are spread throughout campus and the service runs daily between 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM. The nearest stop to E4 building is located in front of M-Square. Detailed information on GEM cars and other on-campus transportation services (including maps and schedules) may be found here.

Please follow the indications in this map to commute between Wanawes MFU Resort (on-campus hotel) and E4 building. At peak times (especially early morning, before start of classes), there might be queues in the shuttle stop because this is a means of transportation that students regularly use.

Green buses: At the main university entrance (down by Pahonyotin Road, where the MFU sign is located), there is the green bus stop (see map here) for buses going to campus. These green pickup trucks run between this stop (see picture below) and M-square, right across E4 building. The cost is 10 THB.

Complimentary Transportation Services for Conference Participants

The organization will provide the following transportation services to participants for free (click on the links to view the schedules):