5th ASLE-ASEAN Ecocritical Conference

Posthuman Southeast Asia

23-25 November 2023

Parallel Panel Session F

Day 2 - 24 November 2023

15:00 - 16:30

Panel F1 - English/Vietnamese - Onsite @ E4-PD1 (Zoom ID: 91958004384)

"Ecofeminist Readings of Southeast Asian Literature" - Moderated by Lily Rose Tope


    Elaine Monserate is an instructor at the University of the Philippines-Visayas. Previously, she worked at the Central Philippine University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business, Bachelor of Arts in English, and Master of English in Language and Literature. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Language and Literature at the […]


    Deirdre Byrne (PhD) is a full Professor of English Studies at the University of South Africa (Unisa). She is one of the co-editors of Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa, and has guest edited two special issues of Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics. She has […]


    Anh Nguyet Tran Thi (PhD) is a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Language and Literature, University of Science and Education, University of Danang. She is studying environmental literature and ecocritical theory, with special focus on urban nature, ecofeminism, and the history of Vietnamese eco-literature. She has published several books and articles […]

Language Interpretation

Some of the presentations in this panel will be delivered in Vietnamese. An English simultaneous (but not synchronized) translation will be streamed to registered participants during the event via the LiveVoice.io app.

To listen to the translation (max. 50 listeners), download the app and use the password provided at the start of the panel to access the channel. You can also join via web using the button on the right.

Panel F2 - English - Onsite @ E4-518 (Zoom ID: 99367844142)

"Environmentality in Southeast Asia: Crisis and Subjectivity" - Moderated by Hang Thi Thu Truong


    Noe John Joseph Sacramento is an Assistant Professor at the College of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines-Cebu. He is studying a PhD in Public Policy at the School of Public Policy, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, under the CMU Presidential Scholarship. His research focuses on public policy analysis involving informal deliberations, narratives, and […]


    Fabio Calzolari is a Lecturer in Human Rights Studies at Mae Fah Luang University.   An Ecocritical Analysis of Thai People’s View of Air Pollution in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai Abstract: This paper analyses the perspectives of 24 adult-aged Thai people living in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai’s provinces on seasonal air […]


    Chaya Vaddhanaphuti (PhD) is a Lecturer at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University. He is interested in the human dimensions of climate change, political ecology, the Anthropocene, science and technology studies (STS), and more-than-human geographies. He focuses on the cultures and histories of weather and seasons, haze pollution, […]


    Tsutomu Takahashi (PhD) is a Professor Emeritus at Kyushu University, Japan. He completed a PhD in Comparative Literature at Pennsylvania State University and has since then been teaching American literature and environmental studies at Kyushu University. His publications include Concord Jeremiad: Thoreau’s Rhetoric of the Age (in Japanese, 2012) and The Grammar of […]

Panel F3 - English- Onsite @ E4-507 (Zoom ID: 95880689108)

"The Posthuman and the Postcolonial" - Moderated by Tania Roy


    Ming Panha (PhD) is a Lecturer in English language and literature at the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University. He is interested in 19th-century literature and culture, as well as in animal studies. E-mail: mingptu@tu.ac.th   The Early 20th-century Dutch East Indies in Sherlock Holmes’ Anthropocene Unconscious in “The Dying Detective” (1913) by […]


    Graham Huggan (PhD) is a Professor at the School of English, University of Leeds, UK. His research straddles three fields, postcolonial studies, tourism studies, and environmental humanities, all of which are brought together in his latest monograph, Colonialism, Culture, Whales (Bloomsbury 2018). His latest book is the co-authored study Modern British Nature Writing, […]


    Maryanne Moll is the author of four books. Her short story “At Merienda” won the third prize in the 2005 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, and her other short stories have also been included in anthologies in the Philippines and abroad. Her first novel, The Maps of Camarines, was published by […]

Panel F4 - English - Onsite @ E4-508 (Zoom ID: 93989978987)

"Cultivating Environmental Consciousness through Literature" - Moderated by Owen Harry


    Paloma Chaterji is a PhD scholar at St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, India and serves as guest faculty at an Indian university. She is a recipient of the Microsoft Create to Inspire Fellowship (2015), which campaigned against the accumulation of electronic waste through performing arts. Her areas of interest include feminist studies, Indian writing […]


    Hamoud Mohsen (PhD) is an Associate Professor of Literature, working in the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Languages and Communication, Sultan Idris Education University. His interests include ecocriticism and postcolonial literature, Malaysian and Arabic literatures. E-mail: hamoud@fbk.upsi.edu.my Mazura Mastura Muhamad (PhD) is an Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty […]


    Kan Rattanachote is an undergraduate student at Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand. E-mail: kankenway2014@gmail.com   Ecocritical Symbolism in Veeraporn Nithiprapha’s The Blind Earthworm in the Labyrinth Abstract: At present, human beings are concerned about anthropogenic climate change. Literature is a way to either indirectly or directly reflect on how climate change will affect […]


    Hyun Sohn (PhD) is an Assistant Professor at the College of Paideia, Sungkyul University, Anyang-si, Republic of Korea. She is an active researcher in the field of English Romantic poetry, feminism, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and interdisciplinary studies. She has published papers in international and Korean journals and participated in several conferences. Her upcoming project […]

Panel F5 - English - Hybrid @ E4-509 (Zoom ID: 97129296912)

"Southeast Asian Literature Across Species Boundaries" - Moderated by Antonio D. Salazar Jr.


    Bratati Barik has a BA and MA from the University of Burdwan. She is now pursuing a PhD at Visva Bharati University and works as an Assistant Professor in Vidyasagar College (Calcutta University), Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Her areas of interests include postcolonial studies, British post-fifties literature, ecocriticism, ecology, and posthumanism. E-mail: brototi.barik072@gmail.com […]


    Zawiah Mohamad Rasep is a second-year PhD student in English Literature at the National University of Singapore. Her research fields include environmental humanities and Southeast Asian literatures, particularly from the Malay Archipelago. Her doctoral research project explores the intersection between premodern Malay mythopoeic philosophy, culture, and the interplay of human mediation with the […]


    Hoang Thi Quynh Trang was a lecturer at the Department of Vietnamese Studies at Phu Xuan University in Hue, Vietnam. Now she is working as a freelance writer and translator. E-mail: quynhtranghoangthi@gmail.com   A Universal Brotherhood in The Diary of a Cricket by To Hoai Abstract: Tô Hoài is a famous writer, member […]

Panel F6 - English - Online @ Zoom ID: 99330296221

"Ecosophical Engagements" - Moderated by Pimpawan Chaipanit


    Arka Mukhopadhyay is a PhD research scholar and junior research fellow at the Department of English, USOL, Gujarat University. After pursuing a Master of Arts in English from Delhi University, he worked as an entertainment journalist, but climate anxiety forced him to leave his job and look for more meaningful engagement. His research […]


    Rangga Mahaswa is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and a researcher at Ze-No: Centre for Logic and Metaphysics. His research focuses on Anthropocene discourse, geo-philosophy, and philosophy of science and technology. His latest publication is “Introducing the Pluriverse of the Anthropocene: Toward an Ontological Politics of […]


    Katarzyna Ferworn-Horawa is a performative artist and philosopher. She completed doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Media Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw. She also has an MA in Interior Design. She specializes in non-anthropocentric studies in aesthetics and has submitted her […]