Hoang Thi Quynh Trang was a lecturer at the Department of Vietnamese Studies at Phu Xuan University in Hue, Vietnam. Now she is working as a freelance writer and translator. E-mail: quynhtranghoangthi@gmail.com


A Universal Brotherhood in The Diary of a Cricket by To Hoai

Abstract: Tô Hoài is a famous writer, member of the modern Vietnamese Literary Circle of the 20th century. Among his works, The Diary of a Cricket imagines a universal brotherhood of all the animals living in the same world, even though they are of different species, such as crickets, mice, grasshoppers, amphibians, and birds. The plot hinges on an arrogant cricket, who thinks he is the king of the grassland and always looks down on the other inhabitants. This leads to the death of a small, black, weak, ugly, and sick cricket. After some adventures and struggles, the arrogant cricket learns how to become a better animal. He recognizes that the world is fair and that all animals have a right to live and play their role. This recognition creates a universal brotherhood, not only for animals but also for human beings.
Keywords: universal brotherhood, environment, animal rights, human rights, To Hoai, children’s literature