Elaine Monserate is an instructor at the University of the Philippines-Visayas. Previously, she worked at the Central Philippine University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business, Bachelor of Arts in English, and Master of English in Language and Literature. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Language and Literature at the Ateneo De Manila University. She teaches Communication, Literature, and Academic Writing to undergraduate students at UPV. Her research interests include ecofeminism/ecocriticism, Philippine Englishes and Asian/Philippine literature. E-mail: elmonserate@up.edu.ph


Finding the Ecofeminist Voice in the Palanca Winning Short Stories of Alice Tan-Gonzales

Abstract: This study shows the deep connection of women and nature through an ecofeminist lens. The study looks at the Palanca winning short stories of Alice Tan-Gonzales and identifies spiritual and cultural ecofeminist perspectives in the stories “Sa Taguangkan sang Duta” and “Baha.” This paper also theorizes that the value of ecofeminism in Gonzales’ short stories can help shed light on female struggles within Western Visayan society. It identifies the various ecofeminist elements of the stories, specifically the characters and the setting, and illustrates why they are relevant for ecofeminism. It also problematizes the selected works of Alice Tan Gonzales and categorizes her position as a defining writer in West Visayas literature. Ecofeminism is present in Gonzales’ short stories as illustrated by the characters’ revelation of ongoing female struggles in the region. The study reveals that, through characters and setting, the embodiment of reality in Alice Tan Gonzales’ literary work separates her from other writers in the Western Visayan region. This should help to raise awareness about the real plight of women and nature in the region and contribute to its mitigation.