5th ASLE-ASEAN Ecocritical Conference

Posthuman Southeast Asia

23-25 November 2023

Ecocultural Tour

Day 3 - 25 November 2023

8:30 - 18:15

The Ecocultural Tour is scheduled for the third day of the conference and will take registered participants to visit several places that have significant environmental and cultural importance around MFU campus. This is an optional activity, which is only available for those participants who have indicated their intention to join the tour and have paid the additional fee at registration. For other participants, however, we are offering the possibility of joining the tour through late inscription (see conditions below).

This full-day tour will depart at 8:30 from Mae Fah Luang University's E4 building and arrive at the same place at 18:15 in the evening. The tour will include the following visits and activities (subject to modifications until the time of departure):

Doi Tung (Gardens, Royal Villa, Hall of Inspiration)

Doi Tung is a mountain in the north of Chiang Rai, which is the site of an ongoing non-profit development project. Under the patronage of the late Princess Mother, the Mae Fah Luang Foundation was founded to carry out development activities (livelihood development, reforestation, and various social enterprises) so that the quality of life of Thailand's ethnic minorities in the Doi Tung area could be raised.

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Lunch at Pha Mhee (Akha village)

Pha Mhee is a small and scenic village located up in the mountains. Most of its inhabitants are Akha, one of the many ethnic groups living in the mountainous areas of Chiang Rai (so-called "hill tribes"). The restaurant is a community ecotourism project that benefits local villagers. After a short time to relax and stroll around the village, guests will be able to enjoy a traditional Akha lunch, as well as local performances and activities that showcase aspects of Akha culture.

Tham Luang Caves

Tham Luang Nang Non ("Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady") is a large karstic cave system situated beneath Doi Nang Non, a mountain range bordering Myanmar. On July 2018, the cave gained international attention when a junior football team and their coach were trapped inside due to flooding caused by heavy monsoonal rains. The rescue operation to safely extract them was followed by many people around the world. Visitors will be able to enter the cave, visit the adjacent exhibition, and stroll around the scenic Blue Lagoon situated close-by.

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Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a unique location where three countries meet: Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. It is the meeting point of the Mekong River (separating Thailand and Laos) and the Ruak River (separating Thailand and Myanmar). In the past, the Golden Triangle was associated with the large opium trade in the region. Nowadays, it is a popular tourist attraction and viewpoint. Visitors will stop for a short time to take pictures.

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Chiang Saen (historical site)

The last stop will allow visitors to take a tram around the archaeological site of the ancient Lanna capital of Chiang Saen. The ruins of the old temples and the city walls, with scattered Buddha images, give this site an evocative feeling of a distant past. The tour will stop at Wat Chedi Luang, an important temple that is 700 years old and still highly revered by the locals. It will also stop at Wat Pa Sak ("Temple of the Teak Forest"), where King Saen Phu planted 300 teak trees in 1295. The temple's chedi, adorned with ornamental stucco motifs, is considered one of the most beautiful Lanna-style structures in northern Thailand.

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Tour Schedule

8:30 - 9:15 Transportation from Mae Fah Luang University to Doi Tung (departing from E4 building)
9:15 - 11:15 Visit Doi Tung (Gardens, Royal Villa, Hall of Inspiration)
11:15 - 11:45 Transportation to Pha Mhee (Akha Village)
11:45 - 13:30 Akha Lunch and Cultural Performance in Pha Mhee
13:30 - 13:45 Transportation to Tham Luang
13:45 - 15:15 Visit Tham Luang Cave and Blue Lagoon
15:15 - 15:45 Transportation to Golden Triangle
15:45 - 16:05 Stop at Golden Triangle
16:05 - 16:25 Transportation to Chiang Saen
16:25 - 17:30 Visit Chiang Saen historical site
17:30 - 18:15 Transportation back to Mae Fah Luang University (arriving at E4 building)

The Ecocultural Tour has been arranged by the conference organizing committee with the collaboration of MFU Campus Tour, a non-for-profit club led by students of the Tourism Business and Events program at Mae Fah Luang University. A professional tour guide, assisted by students from Campus Tour, will accompany guests during the full-day tour. Transportation between sites will be provided in vans.

The tour is coordinated and managed by Dr. Athitaya Pathan (Tel. 082-4967555 / Email: athitaya.pat@mfu.ac.th).

Late Inscriptions

The tour has been arranged only for those conference participants who have indicated their intention to take part in the tour and have paid the tour fee at registration. It is possible to join the tour at a later date by filling up this form. The price for late inscription will depend on the number of participants who commit to join the tour during this late inscription offer, which is only open until 23 November at 4 pm:

  • 4-5 pax: 2500 THB/person
  • 6+ pax: 1700 THB/person

Because of logistical restrictions, late inscriptions will only be possible if the number of participants joining the tour at this stage is above 4 persons. If the number of late inscriptions exceeds the capacity of the tour, late inscriptions will be allocated on a first come first serve basis (date/time of late inscription form submission). No late inscriptions will be accepted past the deadline of 23 November at 4 pm.

Participants who join the tour during this late inscription offer will be informed if their request is successful before noon on 24 November 2023 at the conference. The exact fee due will also be communicated at this time and should be paid in cash no later than 4 pm on the same day.