Trinh Dang has a master’s degree from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University. She is a Lecturer at Hung Vuong University, Phu Tho. Her research focuses on postmodern criticism, archetypal criticism, and ecological criticism. She has published literary studies in various Vietnamese journals.


Urbanites, Intellectuals, and the Wave of Urban Ecology in Vietnamese Novels in the Early 21st Century

Abstract: In the field of urban ecology, theorists research the relationship between human beings and their city surroundings. With the rapid rate of industrialization and urbanization, urbanites and intellectuals have experienced severe environmental changes. This is clearly shown in early 21st century novels by Do Phan, Nguyen Viet Ha, Do Bich Thuy. Urbanites and intellectuals must deal with many difficulties and challenges caused by natural changes, but they also suffer from psychological trauma brought about by urbanization. When nature in urban areas is destroyed, people, especially the urban class and intellectuals, also suffer physical and mental pain, and can even fall into a state of corruption under the power of money. Examining the loss and trauma of urbanites and intellectuals in the context of ecological urbanization, this paper explores the association of natural protection with the preservation of the values of life.
Keywords: urban ecology, people urban, urbanites, intellectuals, Vietnamese novels in the early 21st century