Thi Huong Thuy Le works at the Vietnam Institute of Literature. E-mail: huongthuyvvh@gmail.com


Urbanization and Ecological Damage: A Study of “Nham Mat Nhin Troi” by Nguyen Xuan Thuy and “Linh Dieu” by Nguyen Van Hoc

Abstract: In recent decades, along with the radical changes in economic and social life, ecosystems have been experiencing tremendous impacts. With the shifts in our living spaces happening very quickly, people are not sufficiently aware of the environmental problems they are facing. Several contemporary Vietnamese writers have addressed the ecological risks in their works, as an active example of putting ideas into practice. Some of them have drawn their inspiration from the ecosystems themselves. Nguyen Xuan Thuy and Nguyen Van Hoc are two authors, both of them born after the 1970s, who have successfully put their environmental concerns into words. This paper analyzes Nguyen Xuan Thuy’s “Nham mat nhin troi” and Nguyen Van Hoc’s “Linh dieu” to understand their approach towards the protection of our living space and the development of a harmonious life with nature, which are the keys to sustainable development.
Keywords: ecosystems, urbanization, ecological damage, case studies, sustainable development