Kamonlaporn Sirisophon is a Thai scholar interested in young adult fiction from various countries. Her most recent publication is on the morality of young adult characters. She is currently conducting research on teaching literature in distance education. E-mail: kamonlaporn.sir@stou.ac.th


Wannao Disease: A Symbol of Youth Resistance in Siamese Graveyard by Prapt

Abstract: : The emergence of a new strain of the Covid-19 Delta variant in Thailand in 2021 was followed by lockdown of Bangkok and other areas. Problems of vaccine distribution and a deteriorating economy led to protests in various parts of Thailand. This study investigates Wannao disease in Prapt’s dystopian novel Siamese Graveyard by examining its causes, symptoms, social reactions, and crisis management by the government. Patients infected with Wannao disease can be compared with uncontrollable Covid-19 cases. The chaos in the uncivilized area and ineffective crisis management concerning the rapidly growing numbers of cases underline the military government’s poor management of the Covid-19 situation and question the legitimacy of the military government. The disease itself can be read as a symbol of youth resistance to the military government when public protests were impossible and uproars in social media could not be heard.
Keywords: youth resistance, Covid-19, Thai military government, dystopia, Thai literature