Giau Duong holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature Education and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Foreign Literature at the Vietnam Nation University Ho Chi Minh City (Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities). Her research interests are foreign literature, adaptation studies, and applied literature. She is currently employed at a consulting and business training company in Binh Duong, specializing in Marketing as a content creator. E-mail: giauduong021099@gmail.com


Literary Arts in the Era of AI: Interdisciplinary Creativity and the Future of Multimedia Literature

Abstract: An ancient Chinese story tells how Zhuangzi dreamed that he was a butterfly and, upon waking up, did not know if he was Zhuangzi who had dreamed of being a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming of being Zhuangzi. In the 17th century, Shakespeare’s character Hamlet struggled throughout his life to answer the question “To be or not to be?” In the chaotic and agnostic world of the AI era, Zhuangzi’s dream and Hamlet’s dilemma seem relevant to understand the uncertainty about the exclusive creative position of humans. We express concerns, critique, and in some instances even censure the swift advancement of AI due to its encroachment upon the most fundamental underpinnings of modern society: intellectual property rights and cultural creativity. Literature confronts numerous challenges and requires adaptation and innovation. Since the foundation of literature is creativity and creativity is boundless, the combination of literature and AI undoubtedly holds great potential. This paper addresses one of the most promising aspects of combining literature and technology: the emergence and development of multimedia literary projects. Alongside the challenges, the paper will delve into the future of literary creation and reception in the AI era. The paper discusses the following questions: (1) How will the growth and explosion of machine learning and AI affect literature? (2) What are the challenges and threats faced by writers in the AI era? (3) How can multimedia literature adapt, integrate, and develop in the future?
Keywords: chatGPT, generative AI, AI literacy, interdisciplinary studies, multimedia literature